We at the Tulare Missionary Baptist Church appreciate your interest in our church. We realize that our nation is literally awash with churches and other places of worship. We are a friendly group of Christians. However, friendliness alone should not be the criteria used to decide to visit a church. The members of this church seek to honor and serve the Lord Jesus Christ through understanding and obedience to His holy Word. If you are seeking an understanding of the Word of God so that you might better serve Him, you have come to the right place!

We would be delighted should you come to worship the Lord together with us. Again, thank you for stopping by!
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Our Purpose

This New Testament assembly exists for the sole purpose of giving glory to the Lord Jesus Christ through obedience to His Word, the Bible. Obviously, one cannot demonstrate obedience to something about which he or she knows nothing, or very little. Therefore, the purpose of this assembly of scripturally baptized believers is dedicated commitment to learn and then live out the principles of the Word of God in our daily lives.
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Current Studies

9:00am Sunday School
Don Helsley

10:10am Sunday Worship
Pastor Scott Brooks
1st Thessalonians

6:45pm Wednesday Bible Study
Pastor Scott Brooks
Tulare Missionary Baptist Church
Dewayne Hoppert
1946 - 2018

Pastor of the
Tulare Missionary Baptist Church
1988 - 2016
Friday night (Jan 26) we lost a great hero of faith, former pastor, and incredible man, Dr. Dewayne Hoppert. A former member once said when facing heart surgery, “It’s either going to be a good day or a great day,” meaning the medical treatment would be successful (a good day) or God would call her home (a great day). Today, Dewayne is having his “great day.” Although this earthly loss breaks our hearts and causes us to grieve, we know God is still in control. As Dewayne taught over and over, God knows everything we are going through; God cares intimately about every detail of our lives; God is all powerful and can move or resolve our situations; Lastly, but most importantly, God will - the very moment it is for HIS glory and our ultimate good. If ever there was a man who exemplified what commitment to our Lord and His service looked like, it was Bro. Dewayne. He is an example to us all of what it means to trust and have joy regardless of life’s circumstances or our physical condition. He taught what it means to serve not for applause or accolades, but because we are so grateful for what God has done for us. He showed God’s love and grace, mercy and kindness over the many years that he pastored - first in Mabelvale, AR and then in Tulare, CA. He spent his life devoted to sharing not only God’s word, but God’s character, to everyone he encountered, whether at home, in church, or anywhere else in life.

So the time has come to celebrate Dewayne’s complete healing and homecoming with the One he so tirelessly served. He is running and leaping, in need of nothing, but he leaves a huge void in the lives of those who love him. We do not pray for Dewayne any longer, but rather for his family, church family, friends, and all who have known him. He touched the masses, by touching one person at a time. He will be sorely missed here, but we sorrow not as those who have no hope, and we rejoice in knowing we will see him again.
In Loving Memory