We at the Tulare Missionary Baptist Church appreciate your interest in our church. We realize that our nation is literally awash with churches and other places of worship. We are a friendly group of Christians. However, friendliness alone should not be the criteria used to decide to visit a church. The members of this church seek to honor and serve the Lord Jesus Christ through understanding and obedience to His holy Word. If you are seeking an understanding of the Word of God so that you might better serve Him, you have come to the right place!

We would be delighted should you come to worship the Lord together with us. Again, thank you for stopping by!
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Our Purpose

This New Testament assembly exists for the sole purpose of giving glory to the Lord Jesus Christ through obedience to His Word, the Bible. Obviously, one cannot demonstrate obedience to something about which he or she knows nothing, or very little. Therefore, the purpose of this assembly of scripturally baptized believers is dedicated commitment to learn and then live out the principles of the Word of God in our daily lives.
Schedule of Services and
Current Studies

9:00am Sunday School
Don Helsley
2nd Corinthians

10:10am Sunday Worship
Pastor Scott Brooks

6:45pm Wednesday Bible Study
Pastor Scott Brooks
Tulare Missionary Baptist Church